Poznan World Cup

2nd July 2008, Racing

The World Cup in Poland was the third world cup and the final event before the Olympic Games. I got to paddle my new Olympic boat!!, it is a Nelo and it looks very smart!! I will hopefully post some pictures soon. Racing got off to a great start as I won the 200m heat and went straight to the final. The afternoon was a different story, it got very windy and I went out for my 500m heat but the waves were massive!!! The conditions were getting worse and in the mens C1 race that was before mine only 3 paddlers our of the 7 or 8 that started made it to the finish line – the others either sank or capsized!!!! At this point they decided to postpone racing – as one of the umpires catamarans had also split in half!!! We then sat on the bank for an hour before they decided to cancel racing for the day and run the races at 7.30am!!! the next day. Saturday was therefore an early start. I qualified for the semi final. I had a great race in the semi final and won my semi. I didn’t have such a great race in the final and finished 8th which was a bit disappointing, I finished 3rd in the 200m, which meant another spot on the podium which was great.

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