The Olympic Final...

1st September 2008,

Saturday 24th August 2008, the day of my second Olympic final.  There was a mixture of excitment and nerves.  It was a big day and something I had been working towards for the last fours years.  I carried out my usual race routine of paddling in the morning and then killing some time before lunch and then into my usual race day plan.  I felt good and it was a great sunny day. 

I was nervous on the start but that meant I was ready to go, I had a better start than any of my other races.  I raced well and focused on my own lane but I didn't quite get into such a good rhythum as my semi-final.  I was intially disappointed with finishing 7th as that was the same result as I had in Athens four years ago.  However on reflection the standard of racing has improved and I was closer to the medals than in Athens.  I have had some great racing over the last week and achieved a new personal best so I can't ask for too much more than that!!

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has helped and supported me over the years and enabled to my to reach two Olympic finals.  Thank you for all the messages of support while I have been away and to my family (Mum, Dad, Kate and Barney for being such a great support out in Beijing and always).  I appologise for keeping everyone on the edge of there seats in my heats and semi's with my poor starts - but it's not over unitl you get to the line - and I will always fight till the end!!

I have also put some photo's in the photo gallery.

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